Building Change

We are located in a city & county that have experienced declines in household incomes, blight and racial tensions. We know that hardship is real. We also know that God is real and our presence in this area is no mistake. We are here to be a source of hope; to be world changers. This reality is part of why we know the time to expand is now. Being a positive force in this community and the world is woven throughout our ministry’s vision. With you as our partner, we can continue the mission of our ministry that focuses on strengthening the entire family.
Our vision at Love Life is to:
–  Be a full multi-cultural congregation
–  Build a full service youth ministry (Cradle to College)
–  Build a full service ministry for our seniors
–  Build a multi-purpose ministry complex for the needs of the ministry
–  Establish a family crisis center
–  Enter into television and radio ministry
–  Establish entrepreneur and local business associations
–  Partner with other churches and community organizations to bring Godly changes to our citizens

Join the movement!