Our Vision

At the beginning of 2016, God gave our Pastor a Word to share with our congregation. He said that this is the year of shifting and rearranging and “…the gears are changing from neutral to overdrive to gain ordained territory for the Kingdom. Acceleration will take place, lives changed, addictions broken and families will grow faster and quicker than normal circumstances…” We are in the midst of seeing this prophecy come to pass in the ministry. Therefore, it’s “Time to build”. Increasing our territory involves building a 14,000 sq/ft sanctuary that will seat a minimum of 500 onto our existing edifice, allowing LLFCC to return the temporary sanctuary that we currently use, back into its original use as a gymnasium and multi-purpose room. The appeal for a financial goal of $3.5 Million has been made to cover the cost of the project and is intended to cover the full build of the addition (including any renovations required), the addition of parking, and other upgrades, such as replacing the fence around the property’s perimeter. The addition will also free up other rooms for more community focused uses.

Timeline Goals:
Groundbreaking: 1st Quarter 2019

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Our Purpose

Our Purpose The Increase our Territory Capital Campaign will allow us to fully build a 14,000 sq/ft addition, renovate and add additional parking spaces and update other exterior and interior areas in need of attention. We will also upgrade the fencing around the perimeter of the property but in order to reach our goal, we are asking our Love Life members as well as family and friends to commit to making a monetary pledge which is above their regular tithes and offerings. We are also asking the local community of businesses and organizations to pledge with us and allow us to serve the community better. A new sanctuary would open up the current worship space, which was originally a gymnasium, to be used as a multi-purpose space, which would service the community as well as Love Life. Why? – We at Love Life Family Christian Center believe we are a driving force in this community. Our neighbors have seen difficult times on many levels and we want to position ourselves as a resource in this community. We are a blessed people and the mandate is on us to share our gifts with those around us. While our current project is centered on expanding our building, we are intentional on expanding our reach into the community. Our expansion project will free up space in our current building to accommodate more community groups, city events, children’s programs, and so much more. Through this project we are building community, we are building families, we are building unity, we are building hope. It is an honor to serve the community and to see God moves in our ministry and in the lives of our members. As we obey God and sow into this new level of ministry our hope is that you join us. Remember, we are believing God for the impossible to produce results. Benefit – With your help, we can continue the mission of our ministry that focuses on the entire family.

Our vision here at Love Life is to:
–  Be a full multi-cultural congregation
–  Build a full service youth ministry (Cradle to College)
–  Build a full service ministry for our seniors
–  Build a multi-purpose ministry complex for the needs of the ministry
–  Establish a family crisis center –  Enter into television and radio ministry
–  Establish entrepreneur and local business associations
–  Partner with other churches and community organizations to bring Godly changes to our citizens