Hello and welcome

We‘re so glad that you chose to visit us! Love Life Family Christian Center is a local ministry that opened it’s doors in 2002. Since that time Love Life has grown into an innovative community church dedicated to Showing God’s Love and building the local community! Love Life Family Christian Center saw 2016 as the year of shifting and rearranging for Love Life Family Christian Center. It was a year in which we shifted from neutral to overdrive and experienced acceleration, saw lives changed and addictions broken, while families grew faster than normal. As a faith community we have always been intentional about being a help in the region and while we recognize the positive impact of reaching out to be a presence in the community we also recognize the benefits of creating a facility that brings local residents together. Dissecting these goals while experiencing overflowing attendance during services and recognizing the increased needs of the community, confirmed that it is time to build.

It’s Time To Build!

About us

We spent the bulk of 2016 strategizing and planning because we knew we were embarking on a big undertaking. We now find ourselves in the first quarter of 2017, having raised a portion of the funds needed for the project through pledge commitments made by the congregation and at the same time, interviewing and selecting an architect.

The Increase our Territory Capital Campaign is the driving force behind funding the construction of a 14,000 sq/ft addition to our existing building as well as related renovations, an increase in parking spaces, and updates to specific exterior and interior areas in need of attention including the replacement of the fencing around the perimeter of the property. The addition of the new worship space will free up the gym, that we currently hold services in, which will be used as a multi-purpose space allowing us to increase our local partnerships and host community events. Additional parking will ensure we are not infringing on our neighbors when holding service or hosting large events.  The projected cost for the overall project is $3.5 Million with completion in late 2018.

We ask that you consider sowing into The Increase our Territory Capital Campaign and help us reach our goals. Our vision includes developing community partnerships, having a family crisis center, & collaborating with small businesses which is why your partnership is so important to us. Your business may receive a special token of recognition based on your giving but please know there no gift is too small. 

Our goal is that all pledges will be paid by September 2018.